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All Infants, mothers and families will reach and maintain the highest possible level of health and wellness such that each individual will be able to achieve his or her full potential to enjoy life’s opportunities and contribute to the peaceful progress of their national and the global community.

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Wellstart International’s mission is to advance the knowledge, skills and abilities of health care providers regarding the promotion, protection and support of optimal infant and maternal health and nutrition from conception through the completion of weaning.

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Breastfeeding Facts:

In September 2013 UNICEF published a progress report - Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed which reviewed how the world was doing in terms of child mortality. The report indicated that in 2012 6.6 million died before their fifth birthday or approximately 18,000 per day and around 44% deaths occurred during the first month of life. Many of these deaths could have been prevented by breastfeeding. Because of the importance of breastfeeding, the World Health Organization recommends that exclusive breastfeeding should be continued for the first six months of life and then should be maintained while other nutritious foods are introduced for up to two years and beyond.

Click here to read more about this in an article written by Wellstart's CEO, Audrey Naylor.

Babies are born to be breastfed. It's too important not to!

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